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Welcome to PWAire Technologies

Increased productivity through better agricultural management practices has evolved, as livestock and poultry confinement buildings have been improved by the introduction of more efficiently designed systems and better equipment.

These cost effective improvements help create a healthier environment for both animals and workers.
In Europe the limitations of space and high energy costs have long effected the agricultural community. The close proximity of livestock confinement operations to urban populated areas made odor and pollution control a critical need.

A break through came in applied technology with the introduction of the chimney ventilation system. Positioned at regular intervals along the roofline these streamlined stacks virtually eliminate offensive odors. Gases and other offending particles are immediately jettisoned upward rather than side vented into the population.

PWAire recognized that this applied "European Technology" would revolutionize our own agricultural industry’s approach to ventilation, as energy demand continues to spiral.

At PWAire we explore and develop ventilation products suited for, and used by our own producers. By combining the latest technology with our own years of hands-on experience we have produced a truly unique line of superior ventilation equipment.