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Flex Series Exhaust Fans

Sku Fan Size Volts CFM/Watt Airflow/CFM Rough Opening
EF1200FS 12" 115/230 8.09 1530 17.25 X 17.25
EF1600FS 16" 115/230 11.6 3090 21.5 X 21.5
EF1800FS 18" 115/230 8.05 3850 23.25 X 23.25
EF2400FS 24" 115/230 8.09 6880 29.5 X 29.5
EF3600FS 36" 115/230 15.4 10460 41.5 X 41.5
EF4800S 48" Available Soon
EF5400S 54" Available Soon

Item Information

The hi-velocity PWAire Flex Series Exhaust Fans come in
five different sizes: 12" 16" 18" 24" and 36". All are direct drive,
powered by Vostermans Mf-Flex Motor and prop mounted on
a stainless steel motor mount. Our PWAire Flex Series
Exhaust Fans ship complete with shutter guard and discharge
cone for ease of installation and are easy to clean and maintain.
All PWAire Flex Series Exhaust Fans are BESS Labs Certified,
and qualify for most energy incentives programs being offered by
more and more states. Not only are our new PWAire Flex Series
Exhaust Fans the new muscle on the block, but are also backed by our strong
commitment to continue to offer the best in both productivity and customer satisfaction.

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